Behind the design of Omnitracs' new Dallas headquarters

The project manager and designer say they got it right, for the company that provides fleet management software for the trucking and logistics industry. "This group wanted an open structure, which we are seeing more of nowadays, with an industrial feel," said Staci Tave, a project manager and interior designer with Dallas-based BOKA Powell, which worked on the Omnitracs headquarters project. "This gives companies more visual space with the higher ceilings and helps recruit younger employees," Tave told the Dallas Business Journal in an exclusive interview. Compared to Omnitracs' space in San Diego (which has a more old-school feel), the growing company wanted a new, open and fun environment for employees. Collaboration was key for the company, she said. Tave worked with Taylor Brown, a designer with BOKA Powell, on the interior design of the five-floor space (even though the company sits on five different floors, they only leased four-and-a-half floors of space) at KPMG Centre at 717 N. Harwood St. in downtown Dallas. The new Dallas office opens up on the 13th and 14th floors with a monument-style staircase that opens into a lobby area for visitors. The office features materials reminiscent of the transportation industry, including metal and grained wood. Along with the materials, BOKA Powell put a map of the world on one of the office walls, which helps tell the story of Omnitracs and what it does as a company. "We wanted to have this piece to commemorate Omnitracs as a global company," Brown said. "We also added large graphics of each of the cities in which they are located in and these spaces give employees, as they are coming into the building, a sense of grounding."

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